Studio Errigo assists companies located throughout the country, including those with foreign parent companies, varying in type and size.

It is able to offer evolved services for personnel management, using the integrated web-based Zucchetti suite, with the aim of offering solutions adapted to different business realities.


Outsourcing payroll activities allows companies to save money by entrusting an otherwise complex and repetitive management task to a specialised partner. We process payrolls for our clients, guaranteeing certain costs. Speed of response, punctuality and accuracy are the three distinctive elements that we are most often recognised for. As a payroll firm, we take care of all related tasks in a comprehensive manner.

The firm’s payroll-related activities may include, by way of example:

  • Payroll processing, contributions and related fulfilment management;
  • Transmission of processed documents in physical or digital form;
  • Time and attendance management, compilation of Uniemens forms and telematic transmission;
  • Communications and paperwork with social security bodies such as INPS, INAIL, supplementary social security bodies, Ministry of Labour and Employment Centres.


Partial or full-outsourcing, in-house or remote, this service offers management support or direct outsourced management of the HR department. It is intended both for companies that lack this department and for companies that have it but want additional operational support or expertise. In recent years, it is one of the value-added activities most appreciated by clients: it is a service with a strong customisation content, built around companies’ needs.

In this mode of intervention, the firm is also available to operate using the company’s internal applications.


Corporate Welfare services include all initiatives that allow employers to increase the wellbeing of their employees and their families, offering them income in the form of goods and services with tax and contribution exemption, with an economic advantage for companies.


Digital support is central to ensuring superior service in personnel management. Soon, this phase will become increasingly crucial, which is why Studio Errigo, thanks to its technological partner Zucchetti, provides its clients with a range of HR management services – accessible via the web in a protected environment.

By accessing our portal via the web, the company and its employees can consult and download their documentation and access all the software made available.

The Single Master Database guarantees the native integration of all software and streamlines HR department activities; information is therefore immediately available and constantly updated and aligned between payroll procedures and all HR Web solutions offered.

All the solutions offered here are easily and immediately accessible from anywhere 24 hours a day via the ‘Mobile’ application, which revolutionises the way employees, the company and the firm communicate, allowing consultation from smartphones and tablets of pay slips, time sheets, exchanging information with the HR department, compiling, and sending expense reports, checking time sheets, and more.

The ‘Web Services’ solution is highly appreciated as it does not entail any burden for the customer related to the purchase, management, and evolution of the IT infrastructure, and also guarantees savings in the costs of purchasing software licences and maintenance.

Our servers reside in ISO 27001-certified Zucchetti Data Centres, so data security is maximum Zucchetti Data Centres ensure high standards of IT, logical, application and physical security, guaranteeing the continuity of outsourcing services in all conditions thanks to IT security platforms, backup solutions and intrusion prevention and identification systems.

Below is a brief description of the proposed applications:

HR Portal and Document Management

Activation of the HR Portal allows client companies to have a single access point, using their own credentials, to all HR Web services. It also includes Document Management, a service that allows companies and authorised personnel to consult, download and print all the documents that concern them.

Human Resources Web

This is the human resources solution that allows companies to manage their employees’ data in a simple way, by creating personal dossiers for each worker that contain all personal, professional, pay, contractual and training information in a single file.

Attendance Web

This is the ideal solution for companies that want to automate the processes of recording, controlling, and managing staff attendance data.

Time and Attendance Workflow and Vacation Plan

This is the complementary module of Presenze Web, which allows employees, with a simple connection to the Internet, to enter their requests according to a standardised process, which the managers approve or reject, +and, in the event of a positive outcome, the receipts are automatically acquired by Presenze Web.

ZTravel – Expense and Travel Notes

This solution optimises the entire travel and expense management process, allowing staff to enter travel and expense claims directly and eliminating paper (where permitted by tax regulations).

Timesheet – Work Activities and Time Management

It is the ideal solution for monitoring and analysing production and management data for work orders, projects and work orders, verifying with extreme simplicity the activities carried out, both in terms of quantity of services rendered and in terms of cost.